Monday, May 18, 2009

The Beginning

Goodday all and welcome to my family's blog! Thanks to cousin Kimmy for the idea... her blog is just so cute, I had to do it too.

Little Braden just turned 1 year old last Thursday. We had a little party for him. Grandma and Grandpa were there, and Aunt Misha and her family were there too. The rest of the family would have loved to be there, but couldn't for various reasons. He also had his 1 year appointment last Monday, he's 19 pounds, 31 inches. He got 4 shots, and it didn't even seem to bother him. Tough little guy!

Jared went to the emergency room on Friday. On his way to work he got sick, and went to the ER by ambulance once he got to the police station parking lot. He was diagnosed with esophagitis, but the specialist can't see him til like the end of June. Pretty ridiculous, huh? I just hope he doesn't have to feel bad all that time. It's now Monday, 4 days after the ER, and he still feels pretty crappy on and off. I'd put a picture, but Jared wouldn't appreciate a picture of him laying miserable in bed. Maybe I'll post one when I do the "He's all better!" blog. Laters!

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