Monday, January 9, 2012

Check this out!

Things I Believe... Discriminated for Conservative Beliefs

Lately I've seen a lot of stuff from some of my more liberal Facebook friends about supporting the gay lifestyle and things that profess it is not a choice to be gay or not.  I don't mean a thing or two here or there, I mean these friends are findnig every pro-gay, anti-Christian slogan on the internet, and posting it to Facebook, where I get the joy of reading it.  Yes, I could block these messages from appearing on my feed, and I think I probably will, but the whole thing has me thinking. 

I do not believe the gay lifestyle to be appropriate in any way.  I believe man and woman were created to pair in heterosexual fashion.  And I believe those who profess religion to be useless have a lot to learn. 

Nevertheless, I hold no ill feelings towards people who live those lifestyles or support those beliefs.  I profess to meet everyone where they are and love them regardless of the choices they make.  I would treat a gay athiest neighbor no differently than a van-driving, casserole-wielding member of my own church. 

My problem comes because I feel discriminated at times for my belief, especially by the pro-gay, anti-Christian community.  This feeling comes from seeing those different slogans on Facebook and elsewhere, and knowing that if I expressed my views, briefly described above, in such a public forum, which I probably am doing right now, I would be labeled with some pretty harsh words describing me as an intolerant bigot.  I assert that I am not intolerant, nor a bigot, I just have different views.  I don't have to love every choice a person makes in order to love the person.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Try this! I did. - Slow-Cooker Pork Stew on the Food Network

Slow-Cooker Pork Stew on the Food Network

Oops... we ate it before I got a picture.  But it was super easy and tasty enough to make again!  Instead of using fingerling potatoes, I just cut up regular potatoes.  Instead of a whole pork roast, I used pork for stew (already cut into chunks) from Sam's Club.  I prefer to use what I have on hand than to go buying more groceries.  

Definitely give this one a try!  Maybe try adding green chiles if you like :D