Monday, August 17, 2009

At the park

After a wonderful breakfast of sweet potato hash, eggs, and homemade salsa with plenty of cilantro, we decided to take the boys to the park. David rode his bike, Braden rode his stroller, then both of them played in the fountain. David is still not real good at riding his bike, he fell off quite a few times. I'm still not sure where the problem is, except that he doesn't keep the pedals going and doesn't pay attention to where he's going. Most of the time we just pushed it for him while he walked. I think it's just more time and practice. We'll have to get in a lot more bike riding before the season ends. Here in New Mexico, we probably have until just after Halloween, so that's still plenty of time though he'll probably have to re-learn it all over again in the spring. But rather than riding his bike for most of the time, David said he has to practice running in his new shoes before he wears them to soccer practice tomorrow. I think he's pretty excited. He also spent some time trying to step on Jared's shadow. After our walk, we stopped at the fountain. Now, this is no ordinary fountain, it was built specifically for the kids to play in. It has multiple sprayers that work in a "dancing water" kind of way so the kids never know where the water is going to come from next. I wasn't real sure how Braden would do in the water, but he really seemed to love it. He didn't cry when we made him get out to go home though, but David did.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Is anyone reading these? Please post a comment so I know I'm not just doing this for my love of typing.

Quotes by David... Chapter Seven

David came out of his primary class at church today wearing a yarn necklace with 4 paper hearts attached to it. I saw other kids wearing them also, the number of hearts seemed to vary by numbers of people in the child's family. I talked to him about what he learned in class, and he mentioned something about the temple, and then I asked him why he had hearts on his yarn necklace. I was fully expecting something about loving your family or love for the gospel... you know, something profound. David said, "I think it means I love my necklace."

The Fair

We took the boys to the county fair on Tuesday. We ate fair food, I had a Navajo Taco, REAL good. If I could figure out how to make fry bread I'd make them myself. Then we visited all the fair animals. Two of the cops Jared works with had animals in the fair... Brian had goats and Barric had pigs. One of the soldiers I work with, David Montoya, had pigs in the fair also. His daughter won runner up for the 4H fair princess competition... or something like that. David enjoyed the animals, Braden just continually made goat noises. Then we went to watch Jessica sing a Hannah Montana song in the kareoke contest. She didn't win, but she did well. Last, David had to ride some of the rides. He rode the little kids' rides by himself, and then also rode one of the bigger rides with Jared. Looks like he's not gonna be scared of carnival rides like someone I know (sorry Jimmy!) Okay, so Jimmy's not scared of them anymore, but he was til he was like 20.
We all some good family fun together, but how in the world did just that cost us $60?! And we certainly could've spent more than that if we weren't being careful not to!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Quotes by David... Chapter Six

Seriously, David just said

"God is Great... Beer is good... and People are crazy"

out of the blue. What a weird kid.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009