Monday, September 15, 2014


Learned that the Lord answers prayers.... even if he says, "no".  We found a beautiful home.  Of all the homes we walked into, this one just seemed invited and it felt like it could be ours.  We, of course, prayed about it.  Neither of us got a good, "yes" feeling, but we didn't feel "no" either.  We just loved the house.  But... something went wrong with the financing.  We worked our tails off to fix it.  There.  Now we can get our perfect little house.  But... something was wrong with the land boundary lines.  How hard can this be?  There's only one neighbor.  And the portion of "his" alfalfa field that was on "my" side of the line was about the same as the portion of "my" beautifully landscaped lawn that was on "his" side.  Two reasonable people could work this out with no problems.  We'll let the current owners sort this out real quick before we agree to buy.  But..... the neighbor is NOT a reasonable person.  He's apparently trying to make it difficult for anyone to buy the place because he wants it and he wants to get it cheap.  And.... we can't even get to the property without the use of an easement that runs through his property.  Sure, he legally has to let us use it, but he doesn't have to make it fun!

So how many times did we have to be told "no" before we finally got the answer?  This just isn't the property for us.  And now that I've accepted that, I'm extremely comfortable with that, especially since we're not unhappy in our current home.  But maybe we could stand to get a little better at listening to the promptings so that we don't have to be told four and five times!