Thursday, May 28, 2009

We took a trip to Durango yesterday. We were all supposed to go, but Misha and her family stayed behind because her kids were sick, Tonya and Julia were busy doing stuff for the wedding, and Jared's mom had to prepare for her upcoming trip. So it was me, Jared, David, Braden, Nancy, Aubrey, Andrew, Adam, and Jessica. Adam rode up in our car. Our first stop was the fish hatchery. We got some quarters and fed the fish. Those fish must know that the people feed them because before we ever did, they were swarming toward where we were standing. David kept asking questions about why they all splash like that when we throw food in. Then we went into a very small wildlife museum right there by the fish and

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

David's Birthday Party

David turned 4 yesterday. We had a party for him at our house, and it turned out pretty good. In attendance were: Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Lin, Uncle Mert, Julia, Shawn, Nancy, Aubrey, Andrew, Adam, Misha, Scott, Deacon, Tucker, Tonya, Jessica, Dave, and Darren. (Hope I didn't forget anyone!)
Jared cooked on the grill, I made deviled eggs (which were a pain in the hind end to peel. What the crap?! Why do sometimes they just peel great, and other times it's like impossible?!) , baked beans, and a veggie tray. Grandma and Grandpa brought the chips and dip.
The kids took turns whacking a Dale Earnhardt Jr. pinata with Jared's nightstick. Andrew finally broke it (clap here).
Then David opened his presents. He got: a cool orange Tonka truck pulling a Jetski on a trailer, a Dr. Seuss book, a set of Where's Waldo books, some Nascar toys, a pair of skates, some more pieces to his Thomas the Train track, gift cards and gifts of money from my family back in Ohio who couldn't be here, and a bicycle. (Again, I hope I didn't forget anything.) We sang happy birthday and cut the cake, and then the kids (and Tonya!)played on the slip-and-slide. Unfortunately, the cheap 'ol thing got a hole in the part that sprays the water all over it, so Jared sat by it with the hose to keep it wet for the kids (and Tonya!).
Once everyone was dried off, Misha led family home evening activities at our house, Julia gave an awesome testimony, and all went home for the evening. Good times.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Shawn, Julie, and Michael were in an accident with a drunk driver yesterday. They're a little banged up, but it looks like they'll all be fine. Their car is totaled, they're borrowing our Honda. Go figure that had to happen exactly a week before their wedding! You know, bad stuff happens when you're trying to do the right thing, that's just the way it goes. The adversary has got to try just that much harder to throw you off track when you're firmly on the right one. Still, it sucks, but at least it's a sign you're doing the right thing! When Jared and I were going to the temple, our temple clothes got left at home 4 hours away, and the whole family was fighting for a week. We'll keep them in our thoughts and hope they recover for the wedding. Right now, I've got to go prepare some salad and some birthday cakes.


All of Jared's family got into town about 9am yesterday, and we went to the Riverfest. Unfortunately, it rained the whole time, but not too hard, so we stayed anyway. We all walked around like a big Stock parade (although some have married into other names)... Mom, Julia, Shawn, Michael, Jared, myself, David, Braden, Nancy, Aubrey, Andrew, Adam, Tonya, and Jessica. Misha and her crew couldn't come because Scott's grandma was celebrating her 80th birthday. David loved hanging out with his cousins, he mostly hung onto Aubrey. When Aubrey could get away, she really seemed to enjoy carrying and playing with Braden. We looked at all the vendors things, some of us ate some fajitas which smelled really good, but I didn't want one. Jared wanted a roasted ear of corn, but the line was HUGE... even in the rain. The kids pet all the dogs people were walking, and pet the sherriff's horse, and played with some goats and llamas. They climbed on trees, threw rocks into the river (which scared the heck outta me because the water was moving WAY too fast), and stuck their hands into the sample hot tub some man was selling. There was a band and David was dancing like he just couldn't control himself. The other kids just watched him and laughed, but that was exactly what David was looking for, he loves to be the center of attention. Oh, Nancy did a little shimmy too. David got a free bicycle helmet they were giving away, even though he doesn't have a bike yet. He's getting one tomorrow for his birthday, he just doesn't know it yet.

Quotes by David... Chapter One

It was raining when Jared and I left his mom's house with the kids. On a normal day, Jared puts David in the car because David's booster seat is on Jared's side of the car, and I put Braden in. David's booster seat is MUCH quicker to operate than Braden's 5-point harness, but usually it's no big deal. On this day, however, because it was raining, Jared was snug in the driver's seat while I was still fumbling with Braden's harness... and getting wet. So I started giving Jared grief about being a gentleman and handling both the boys so I could stay wet. Here's how the conversation went...

Me... "Jared, I'm getting all wet!"
Jared... "You'll be alright, it's just water."
Me... "No I won't!" (Please insert sarcasm here.) "I'm a delicate flower, I'll wilt!"
Jared... "Oh no you're not. Your a hardy desert rose, you're tough."
Me... "But I wanna be a delicate flower!"

By this point the harnessing is complete and we're all in the car and moving, but the sarcastic conversation continues with me saying how sweet and fragile I am and Jared countering with statements about how I'm a tough woman and I can handle anything (he's right of course, but I'm enjoying the conversation.

Then out of the blue, David decides to put his two cents in... "Mom, if you're a delicate flower, then I wook wike a Mexican!"

I guess sarcasm isn't lost just because he's little, he's still a wisecracker.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This morning was all about bugs.

Yesterday, came running in from outside yelling "Mama Mama! Come here I have to show you something!" This isn't an unusual occurrance around the Stock household as David is generally excitable, but he usually wants to show me his handprint in his sandbox or a bug that he swears looks like a teeny tiny chicken nugget. But this time he showed me the tiniest preying mantis I've ever ever seen. He was excited that it was still there when he went out today. It was so tiny, it was hard to get a pic of it, but I tried. That little green thingy at the top of the picture is it. To give a perspective, the blue thing on the left is a matchbox car.

Next, I found aphids (or at least that's what I think they are) all over my bushes out front. Again, I tried to take a picture of them, but they were so small that they didn't turn out on the picture. I love my bushes, in just a few weeks they'll grow these huge hibiscus looking blossoms all over. The bush in the picture grows white ones, the other grows purple. I was afraid that the bugs would kill my bushes, so we took a family outing to Lowes to get some bug spray.

David wanted to pose in front of the car before going to Lowes, so I had to take Braden's picture too.

And one of my daisies just because.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Beginning

Goodday all and welcome to my family's blog! Thanks to cousin Kimmy for the idea... her blog is just so cute, I had to do it too.

Little Braden just turned 1 year old last Thursday. We had a little party for him. Grandma and Grandpa were there, and Aunt Misha and her family were there too. The rest of the family would have loved to be there, but couldn't for various reasons. He also had his 1 year appointment last Monday, he's 19 pounds, 31 inches. He got 4 shots, and it didn't even seem to bother him. Tough little guy!

Jared went to the emergency room on Friday. On his way to work he got sick, and went to the ER by ambulance once he got to the police station parking lot. He was diagnosed with esophagitis, but the specialist can't see him til like the end of June. Pretty ridiculous, huh? I just hope he doesn't have to feel bad all that time. It's now Monday, 4 days after the ER, and he still feels pretty crappy on and off. I'd put a picture, but Jared wouldn't appreciate a picture of him laying miserable in bed. Maybe I'll post one when I do the "He's all better!" blog. Laters!