Tuesday, May 26, 2009

David's Birthday Party

David turned 4 yesterday. We had a party for him at our house, and it turned out pretty good. In attendance were: Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Lin, Uncle Mert, Julia, Shawn, Nancy, Aubrey, Andrew, Adam, Misha, Scott, Deacon, Tucker, Tonya, Jessica, Dave, and Darren. (Hope I didn't forget anyone!)
Jared cooked on the grill, I made deviled eggs (which were a pain in the hind end to peel. What the crap?! Why do sometimes they just peel great, and other times it's like impossible?!) , baked beans, and a veggie tray. Grandma and Grandpa brought the chips and dip.
The kids took turns whacking a Dale Earnhardt Jr. pinata with Jared's nightstick. Andrew finally broke it (clap here).
Then David opened his presents. He got: a cool orange Tonka truck pulling a Jetski on a trailer, a Dr. Seuss book, a set of Where's Waldo books, some Nascar toys, a pair of skates, some more pieces to his Thomas the Train track, gift cards and gifts of money from my family back in Ohio who couldn't be here, and a bicycle. (Again, I hope I didn't forget anything.) We sang happy birthday and cut the cake, and then the kids (and Tonya!)played on the slip-and-slide. Unfortunately, the cheap 'ol thing got a hole in the part that sprays the water all over it, so Jared sat by it with the hose to keep it wet for the kids (and Tonya!).
Once everyone was dried off, Misha led family home evening activities at our house, Julia gave an awesome testimony, and all went home for the evening. Good times.

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