Sunday, May 24, 2009


All of Jared's family got into town about 9am yesterday, and we went to the Riverfest. Unfortunately, it rained the whole time, but not too hard, so we stayed anyway. We all walked around like a big Stock parade (although some have married into other names)... Mom, Julia, Shawn, Michael, Jared, myself, David, Braden, Nancy, Aubrey, Andrew, Adam, Tonya, and Jessica. Misha and her crew couldn't come because Scott's grandma was celebrating her 80th birthday. David loved hanging out with his cousins, he mostly hung onto Aubrey. When Aubrey could get away, she really seemed to enjoy carrying and playing with Braden. We looked at all the vendors things, some of us ate some fajitas which smelled really good, but I didn't want one. Jared wanted a roasted ear of corn, but the line was HUGE... even in the rain. The kids pet all the dogs people were walking, and pet the sherriff's horse, and played with some goats and llamas. They climbed on trees, threw rocks into the river (which scared the heck outta me because the water was moving WAY too fast), and stuck their hands into the sample hot tub some man was selling. There was a band and David was dancing like he just couldn't control himself. The other kids just watched him and laughed, but that was exactly what David was looking for, he loves to be the center of attention. Oh, Nancy did a little shimmy too. David got a free bicycle helmet they were giving away, even though he doesn't have a bike yet. He's getting one tomorrow for his birthday, he just doesn't know it yet.

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