Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quotes by David... Chapter One

It was raining when Jared and I left his mom's house with the kids. On a normal day, Jared puts David in the car because David's booster seat is on Jared's side of the car, and I put Braden in. David's booster seat is MUCH quicker to operate than Braden's 5-point harness, but usually it's no big deal. On this day, however, because it was raining, Jared was snug in the driver's seat while I was still fumbling with Braden's harness... and getting wet. So I started giving Jared grief about being a gentleman and handling both the boys so I could stay wet. Here's how the conversation went...

Me... "Jared, I'm getting all wet!"
Jared... "You'll be alright, it's just water."
Me... "No I won't!" (Please insert sarcasm here.) "I'm a delicate flower, I'll wilt!"
Jared... "Oh no you're not. Your a hardy desert rose, you're tough."
Me... "But I wanna be a delicate flower!"

By this point the harnessing is complete and we're all in the car and moving, but the sarcastic conversation continues with me saying how sweet and fragile I am and Jared countering with statements about how I'm a tough woman and I can handle anything (he's right of course, but I'm enjoying the conversation.

Then out of the blue, David decides to put his two cents in... "Mom, if you're a delicate flower, then I wook wike a Mexican!"

I guess sarcasm isn't lost just because he's little, he's still a wisecracker.

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