Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mom versus Kix

Every day before school, I wake David up and ask him what he wants for breakfast.  Then he gets dressed while I prepare it.  Sometimes he has cereal, sometimes eggs, sometimes oats, and he varies it up pretty good.  But over the last 2 weeks, he has been eating Kix... every day... and asking for seconds... every day.  I didn't think anything of it, kind of convenient that I don't really have to prepare anything.  He always eats with the box in front of him so he can look at it.

This morning, he again asked for Kix.  I poured the last of it into his bowl, and he ate.  When he finished, he asked for seconds. 

Me - "Sorry hun... they're all gone."
David - "Oh thank goodness!"
Me (confused) - "Why are you happy the cereal is gone?"
David - "Now we can cut out the coupon for the toy on the back!"

And the lightbulb goes off.  There's a $5 coupon for the Tag Reading System by LeapFrog on the back of the cereal box.  Ha!  What a weird kid!  I don't even know if he likes Kix, but he was determined to eat them all.  Braden would've just dumped them on the floor if he wanted something like that. 

To continue the story, I then also found a $10 target coupon for the toy, and adding my $5 manufacturer coupon and my 5% off for using my RedCard, I got the thing for almost half off!  I'm putting it up for Christmas though.