Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dear Telemarketers...

I just got a call from a telemarketer who works for one of the credit companies that I do business with.  The voice said, "There is no problem with your account, but it is urgent that you call us regarding...."  I hung up.  I'm sure it was an offer of some sort.

Dear Telemarketers,
     First, if you call me, TALK TO ME!  I hate answering a call and there's a recording on the other end telling ME to call THEM back.  What the ... ?
     Second, don't offer me anything!  I do business with you, and so if there IS a problem with my account or if you need something from me, then feel free to call.  If I need something from you, like maybe whatever it was you were going to offer, then I'll call you.  NOT the other way around.  I'm too busy for that crap.

That's all for now.

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