Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting spiritual LDS style... I'm GLAD life isn't fair.

House is a mess, boys are fighting, baby is screaming, dinner isn't started yet.  Life isn't fair, and I'm GLAD for it!  I must be crazy or delusional.  Maybe day after day of taking care of children has finally done it to me.  If life were fair, if I was only given what I deserved and what I earned, what have I done to deserve all the blessings the Lord had given me?  Yes, I'm a hard-working woman and I do a lot to take care of my home and my family.  In my youth I worked hard to earn my education.  I worked hard in my job when I worked outside the home.  But the blessings I have far outweigh what I've earned.
     Can we see the blessings in our lives?  Are we able to look beyond the day-to-day drudgery and focus on all that we've been given, for nothing?  Talk about a bargain!
     Is it fair that I have to clean up the same messes in the same house day after day?  I have a beautiful home.
     Is it fair that I have to referee fights over a cardboard box every day until that box finally disintegrates?  I have amazing sons.
     Is it fair that I have to listen to the screams of this little baby girl day after day after day?  Is it fair that I wish away her babyhood so that she'll learn to talk and use words and stop the squealing?  I have the most beautiful daughter in the world.
     I have a wonderful husband, wonderful friends, wonderful family.  Even my in-laws are wonderful!  My husband has a wonderful job.  I live in a wonderful neighborhood and go to a wonderful church.  I have the gospel of Jesus Christ and the influence of the Holy Ghost.
     Life isn't fair.

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