Thursday, January 23, 2014

Adventures in Motherhood... mom versus cleaning the Minivan

We'll be leaving for a short road trip soon, so I decided to get some garbage out of the van.  You know, clean it up a bit.  I told the boys to get the trash near their seats, and I picked up some receipts and soda bottles from the front seat area.  As I threw them in the dumpster, I accidentally let go of my keys as well.  Oops.  Resourceful as I am, I thought, who can I put in the dumpster to fetch them for me.  P is smallest, but she just won't do the job.  D is too big for me to pick up high enough.  So B it is!

Me - B!  Come here please.
B - You're not going to put me in the trash can, are you?!
Me - Yep.  Sure am.

B willingly complies and saves the day!  Thank goodness children are small :D

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