Friday, May 31, 2013

Adventures in motherhood... Mom versus the red CoolAid.

Never a boring moment.  We were happily having lunch, the 5 of us, at Costa Vida.  As it approached time to leave, Mom and Dad sprang into action... because no movement is accomplished without a little prep work anymore.  Dad refilled Braden's drink cup with red CoolAid.  Mom sat the baby carrier on the table and began to strap Peyton back in.  Everyone ready?  Good.  I'll just sit back down in my seat so I can reach the diaper bag from under the table and.... CRUNCH!  What the...?  I totally just sat on Braden's cup of CoolAid that he sat on my chair for who-knows-what reason.  Now to figure out how to get out of this restaurant with red CooAid on the back of my white-and-blue plaid shorts...

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