Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things I Believe

My hubby is a police officer who was injured on the job on February 17, 2011. At this point, he is still home, and he is completely useless, not being able to bear weight on his left leg. The kids, David - 5, and Braden - 2, are doing really well with it, but I know it's hard on them that Jared cannot play and do the things he's used to doing with them. As the mom, and the only capable adult in the household at the moment, lots and lots of responsibilities fall to me, but I think the biggest one is keeping up the spirits of my family. I believe that, at most times, the mood of the entire household is directly related to the attitude and demeanor of the mother. (I believe that applies whether or not dad is fully capable or incapacitated.)

I also believe that, while this isn't easy, it is SO much easier with the help of family, friends, fellow police officers, and my church family. I quickly decided to count my blessings one day, literally, and I wrote down the names of everyone who has helped us in any way since this happened. The number is currently in the 50s. That is nothing short of amazing, and I truly don't know how people who may not have the same support get through tough times. I've certainly learned some things about myself and I wish now to seek out opportunities to help others rather than waiting for them to request it. Currently, I'm babysitting a friend's dog, which isn't all that huge of a favor, I know, but it's a start. And Chloe (the dog) is simply delightful to have around!

... more to come...

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