Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random thoughts

We had soccer practice again yesterday. I still can't really tell if David likes it or not. He seems to, but he also seems more interested in interacting with the other kids than in playing soccer. Still, he's too cute in his little soccer cleats.
Braden is getting bigger by the day! He's got a few words, Mama, Dada, eat, bye bye, shoe, and thank you mostly... but I think he understands a lot more than what he can say.
We finally sold our car, which should take quite a bit of financial pressure off of us, but at this point we're not really feeling the relief yet. Oh well, it'll come.
Aunt Marge passed away the other day. I've only met her once, but I hope to be able to go to her funeral in Utah. I'm not sure if it'll work out or not because I've got National Guard drill this weekend.
Speaking of National Guard, it's so not coming together like I'd like it to. Apparently our range may be cancelled because my sister unit didn't order the ammunition for us like they were supposed to. Half of the soldiers are calling in looking to reschedule, and the rumor is that SSG Peralta is being a prick because I didn't do some things that he didn't ask me to do. There are a lot of things I need to do in order to get the military discipline in my unit the way it is supposed to be, but since I only work there a weekend a month, I can't seem to find the time or the interest to get it all done. Oh well, just a year and a half left and I'm outta there.

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