Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Story time

I took the boys to story time at the library yesterday. It's nice for David because he gets to sit in the middle of the room with other kids while us parents sit around the edges. The library staff did a really good job. They used different library staff for each of the different voices in the books, almost acting it out. They even had some kind of camera on the book that was broadcasting to a projector screen so all the kids could see the pictures in the book while the staff was reading. They read 3 books, sang some songs, and gave all the kids kazoos to play a little kazoo band song. The kids got to take the kazoos home with them when they were done. (Thanks a lot for the constant buzzing sound in my head now!) I may have been in luck though, because David couldn't figure out how to make it buzz... but of course I had to show him. I know I know... smart move huh? Anyhow, he's a one-kid-kazoo-band now and can play quite a few different songs. He's actually pretty good... well as good as you can be talking about a kazoo!

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